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The Value of a Seller's Agent

The idea of saving the money normally paid as commission to a real estate agent is tempting to many homeowners.  This feeling is understandable, but the lack of an experienced and knowledgeable professional can be expensive, especially in today’s volatile market. The complexity of selling a home has increased over the past several years: environmental issues, disclosure, tax and legal concerns - all are more complicated today than ever before.

As your agent, I will assist you with:

Setting the price.  If the price is too high, you won’t get any offers. If it’s too low, you’ll lose money. I know the local market and will help you set a profitable but realistic price.

Networking.  My solid relationships with other brokers provide me with a vast source of potential buyers. My extensive networking exposes your home to this essential group.

Advertising your home. What is the most effective way to draw buyers to your home...classified ads, open houses, flyers to brokerage firms, online advertising? I will help you decide which vehicles will gain the best exposure for your home.

Qualifying potential buyers.  Can you tell whether someone is really interested in your home or merely curious? I have the experience to sort out the serious, qualified buyers from the “idle shoppers.’’

Negotiating the sale. Once you’ve found a buyer, will you get the best possible terms? My negotiating skills will help surmount any obstacles and ensure that your final sale agreement is both comprehensive and profitable for you.

Complying with the law.  Do you know what you must disclose to the buyer of your home? Making sure that you follow all the recent court decisions regarding property sales is one of the most crucial services I will provide.


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