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Home Warranty Services
Protecting Your Largest Investment

It is a standard practice to have a homeowner's insurance policy in place. Our homes, after all, are often our most valuable and meaningful investment. As important as these policies are, however, their purpose is limited to covering losses stemming from a catastrophic event. In the normal course of life, though, many things arise that, while not so severe, can be costly and untimely.

The American Home Shield® (AHS) Home Warranty coverage helps take the hassle out of home ownership. New or old, homes and their mechanical systems are subject to unplanned and unforeseen occurrences: appliances can break down, and plumbing, heating, and cooling systems can fail. A home warranty plan covers the cost of these types of repairs, along with a host of other items within the house.

Property sellers are also realizing the value of home warranty coverage. Plans are available to help protect sellers from liabilities stemming from issues that might arise during the sales cycle, as well as for a period of time after the closing. This is seen as having real value by potential buyers, while simultaneously protecting the seller.

The American Home Shield® Home Warranty covers such things as: Central Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Dishwashers, Electrical Systems, Garbage Disposals, Microwaves, Oven/Range/Cooktops, Plumbing Systems, Trash Compactors, and Water Heaters. For specific details about available coverages, please speak with your sales associate.


When you are trying to sell your home you need to make it stand out from the rest. An AHS® Home Warranty helps protect your potential buyers from the hassles of unexpected repairs because you provided coverage - and with our listing coverage, you're protected too! That can help you avoid putting money into repairing or replacing items that you have decided to sell. Help protect yourself and your buyers with an AHS Home Warranty.


For the home buyer, the benefits of a home warranty can be quite significant, providing hassle free service for your new home. Your home is covered for a full year, beginning at the time of closing - if it is newly constructed, it is covered for three years. The program covers a host of systems not generally safeguarded by a homeowner's insurance policy, and is renewable for continuing coverage through the years.

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